I am eclectic, and my writing is all over the place..

These are ordered from most recent to oldest.

The Christmas Project (long-ish short story) [2019] – In the far future, children discover the magic of the season. A short story idea that was prepared for the Dog Days Of Advent challenge in 2020.  There’s something I really love about looking at things we may take for granted with fresh eyes. This story is written about kids, with an intent that it could be understood by kids, but also aimed at the kid in all of us. I believe in the magic of Christmas, but what will that look like on a generation ship in hundreds of years? Here’s my interpretation. Most of the story was written in a single sitting, then edited, then I narrated the story daily, but you can listen to all 12 parts one at a time:
[part 1: “Discovery”] [part 2: “Wonderland”] [part 3: “Art”] [part 4: “Classics”]
[part 5: “Green”] [part 6: “Symbols”] [part 7: “Twinkle”] [part 8: “Storm”]
[part 9: “Wrapping”] [part 10: “Caroling”] [part 11: “Eve”] [part 12: “Presents”] 

Tainted Roses: Death to a Mind (novella) [2012] – When a duo of sabateuses discover a stowaway on their stolen spaceship, will they decide she’s too much trouble, or exactly what they needed? Set in an imagined future where spaceships began in the Victorian era, this spy-novel steampunk space opera adventure story introduces you to Pri, Datria and Liz, sabateuses-for-hire. The story grew out of an Every Photo Tells… photo-prompt, and they recorded the whole story and made it available as a Podiobook (now Scribl)!

Every Photo Tells..: Reflections (short story) [2010] – What do you see, when all your mirrors are in your mind? What is reality, when the mirror is shattered? A dark dream or a distorted reality, a disturbance in a few thousand words. Not for the children, maybe not for anyone.. Another story inspired by Every Photo Tells…

Every Photo Tells..: The Morning Sun After The Long Night (short story) [2010] – Suppose we are invaded by aliens. Would we believe them? What if we were wrong? Another inspired story from a photo by Every Photo Tells…

Convers@tion (short story) [2010] – When the line between imagination and reality gets blurry, have symbols still a meaning? Two sides of a one-sided conversation, in which there is nothing at all existing, and everything. Another inspired story from a photo by Every Photo Tells…

The Smokier The Bandit, The Bigger The Prize (short story) [2011] – It’s a simple plan: fly the cargo from here to the other side of the Wastelands, in the shortest time possible, and do it before she does. What can possibly go wrong? Someone said: “Write a steampunk version of Smokey and the Bandit?” And I said: “Hmm…” It’s written, but it’s in need of some work. Look for it in the future!

Brink In A Box (short story, fanfiction) [2009]- You wake up in a grey room. The only thing you are sure about is yourself. And then that is taken away from you… A holiday-inspired Dollhouse fan fiction that I turned into a little rough one-man audio drama.

Existing (short story) [2008]- Some places, you just discover them by accident. Other places, you discover when you need them. And the third kind, they come about for both reasons. Nathan and Felicia are at a crossroads, in their lives, in their marriage, and maybe even in their deaths. But it may just be something that a warm cup of coffee and a friendly environment can fix. Good thing, they seem to have somehow found it. But will they survive? Written as a Christmas present in 2008, this strange little tale might see a revision and a release for this coming Christmas.

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