Unravel 2020: The Last Thread

This page is going to include details for players about the convention game I’m running at Enbicon 2020.

Here’s the longer pitch:

Game system: FATE.
Genre: Lovecraftian Survival/Mystery Horror.
Mood: Serious/Scary/Romantic;
Conflict: Theatre-of-the-mind

You have known each other since you were all kids — in a couple of cases, since pre-school. And now you’ve all graduated from college, soon to head out in different directions for jobs. It’s the last summer to keep the old gang together, and Marty has scored a really great deal on an Airbnb up on the mountainside. It’s going to be a great party — if you survive it.

This is a conceptual sequel in my “Unravel” series of games, which started four years ago when some highschool students survived a strange manifestation of extra-dimensional entities. Since then, there have been a series of bizarre incidents, especially that odd gang of people that showed up last year and were blamed for burning the art gallery down, and possibly murdering a painter. 

This scenario is meant to be friends getting together who think they know each other well, but will discover that they know a lot less about everything than they thought.

The characters will be largely pre-made, but there will be customization options and a random element. Some knowledge of FATE in general is useful, but the game will have specifics that will be taught.


I have decided to use a combination of tools to make this easier. We will be playing over voice chat on the Discord server, using the text channel as well as needed. I will be giving out a link to the player for a Google Spreadsheet, which will be editable by the players, and contains characters sheets and other necessary trackables. I have an online dice roller that we can use collectively.