TWS100: A Century of Progress (?)

On September 27, 2008, in Episodes, Feedback, by the Encaffeinated ONE

Show Notes for TWS100: A Century of Progress (?)

On the show this week:

  • The Important Stuff I Usually Don’t Get To
  • “Obvious” Science Anyone Can See
  • Things Getting Off The Ground (EXTRA)
  • Lawful Refinement (EXTRA)
  • The Stuff That Extra Scrapes Off Its Shoes (EXTRA)

This week’s Challenge Question:
A) What do you want to see more of different in the next 100 episodes of TWS?

B) Is science too pedantic? Do we focus too much on the tried-and-true? Where is the adventurous scientist — or is that not possible?

Leave your answer in the comments, send your email to weirdshow[[at]], record your message via the MobaTalk client on the right hand side of Encaffeinated!, leave an answer on Facebook or call in at 206-203-2292.

Full links to all stories covered and many more after the jump!

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