CAFFEEN! playlist for 2013-03-02: “Lost In Winter, Found In Spring”

CFN 2013-03-02 coverartA winter blizzard once told a Prime Minister: “It’s time to move on.”

Every time I’ve looked at the weather lately, it’s told me: “I’m not ready for you; give me a few more minutes to try something else on.”

But on the hills of my mind, the snow is receding, leading to places once undiscovered or forgotten..

  • The Frost in Winter by Windy & Carl from the album We Will Always Be.
  • Deep Snow by Grails from the album Deep Politics.
  • My Country is Winter by Exhaust from the album Enregister.
  • Post Arctic Industries by Vector Lovers from the album Capsule For One.
  • Obsession by Alexander Lasarenko from the album Film Noir.
  • Trek To The Cave by Damion Albern & Michael Nyman from the album Ravenous.
  • scenic caves by Winter Equinox from the album Safe & Sound.
  • 93 Stars by Below The Sea from the album The Loss Of Our Winter.
  • It’s Gonna Rain by Do Make Say Think from the album Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn.
  • Schindler’s Lisp by KUATO from the album Winter EP.

WOL007: Staring At The Sky

p6010017-wol007Hear me muse about looking at the sky, being in France, and the balance of utlity vs esthetics..

The album art is a typical street in the old port area. I believe this is looking southeast along Rue St. Nicholas.

(Decided to try an outdoor recording. Must find that setting on my H2 which automatically zooms on my voice, turn it off for more ambience.)

Theme song is “Things That Keep Me Up At Night” by Beatnik Turtle from the albums and The Best Of