CAFFEEN! playlist for 2013-03-02: “Lost In Winter, Found In Spring”

CFN 2013-03-02 coverartA winter blizzard once told a Prime Minister: “It’s time to move on.”

Every time I’ve looked at the weather lately, it’s told me: “I’m not ready for you; give me a few more minutes to try something else on.”

But on the hills of my mind, the snow is receding, leading to places once undiscovered or forgotten..

  • The Frost in Winter by Windy & Carl from the album We Will Always Be.
  • Deep Snow by Grails from the album Deep Politics.
  • My Country is Winter by Exhaust from the album Enregister.
  • Post Arctic Industries by Vector Lovers from the album Capsule For One.
  • Obsession by Alexander Lasarenko from the album Film Noir.
  • Trek To The Cave by Damion Albern & Michael Nyman from the album Ravenous.
  • scenic caves by Winter Equinox from the album Safe & Sound.
  • 93 Stars by Below The Sea from the album The Loss Of Our Winter.
  • It’s Gonna Rain by Do Make Say Think from the album Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn.
  • Schindler’s Lisp by KUATO from the album Winter EP.