CAFFEEN! playlist for 2013-06-29: “Whimsy Offered Free”

CFN2013-06-29 coverartWhat is whimsy?

Is it the light wandering of thoughts, like dandelion fluff in a breeze?

Or is it the traversing of boundaries, like a butterfly migrating?

To me, it is this, and it is darker places to let the mind wonder, free and without limits.

This mix is what it sounds like to me.

  • Claudia & Klaus by Valley Of The Giants from the album Valley Of The Giants.
  • City Lights From A Train by Vector Lovers from the album Capsule For One.
  • warp bay by 1 Yr Anniversary from the album 1 Yr Anniversary.
  • Cirque Du Lac by KK, The Steampunk Orchestra from the album The Magic Lantern.
  • rotor by mind of a squid from the album wish.
  • powered by steam by Hangedup from the album Hangedup.
  • ATTACK THE WAKABAYASHI by Kenji Kawai from the album Ghost in the Shell: Innocence OST.
  • Sylvan Court by Precious Fathers from the album Alluvial Fan.
  • Crawlspace by Caspian from the album The Four Trees.
  • They Don’t Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore by Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet from the album Sport Fishin’.
  • Schindler’s Lisp by KUATO from the album Winter EP.