The *real* Lost 4th season ep [no spoilers here!]

I am, it would seem, an interminable goof. I can’t help it. I find being goofy both an intellectual challenge and an emotional thrill.

Lately, I’ve found that Twitter has been a very fun outlet. It’s kinda a cross between microblogging and a chat room, and that seems to suit me just fine..

Well, last night was the much-anticipated 4th season premiere for Lost. It’ll likely be a while before I get a chance to see it (despite the fact that I love the show), and someone tweeted: “Hey! Watch it with the Lost spoilers!”.

I seemed to have taken this as a challenge, perhaps… So, without further explanation, after the jump are my tweets covering my version of spoilers for the episode — written live, as others watched the episode, but I did not.. Kudos to you if you can pick up some of my obscure TV references here..

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