CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-03-14: “In Cog We Trust”

CFN 2015-03-14 coverartHumanity has placed their faith in machines. We have remade the world and our place in it, and now in our imaginations, we do it once more.

The Age of Machines will be upon us!

Especially if we started a hundred years before..

  • From the album If Only A Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come be True by Esmerine we heard The Marvellous Engines Of Resistance.
  • We heard Arban & Steven Severin with their song The Call from the album Beauty and the Beast.
  • From the album Entering into the Space Country by Øresund Space Collective we heard Rising Tides and Floating Nebulas.
  • We heard Man an Ocean with their song Crash from the album Fields/Hurricanes.
  • From KUATO‘s album Winter EP, we heard Anarchy In The Ukraine.

CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-09-27: “Beat Heart”

CFN 2014-09-27 coverartInside the cold, steel exterior might just beat a cold, mechanical heart — or some twisted combination of “natural” and “unnatural” life.


  • Bacterium by Fellirium from the album Cellular Structure.
  • The Knock by Errors from the album Have Some Faith In Magic.
  • Bucephalus Bouncing Ball by Bell Orchestre from the album As Seen Through Windows.
  • Polyrytmi by Carbon Based Lifeforms from the album Interloper.
  • Fafrotskies Part I by Le Pellican Noir from the album Le Silence Tendu Au Dessus De Nos Tetes Comme Un Orage En Suspens.
  • Choppers by Holy Fuck from the album LP.
  • Martin Rev by Maserati from the album Maserati VII.
  • Battle for the Underwater City by Scientists of Sound from the album Wealth and Hellness – EP.


#WritingWednesday: Tainted Roses: The Hat

Every Photo Tells: Tainted Roses coverWords have been written, but only just. Now they have been read. Will you listen?

The result of today’s writing session is 1800 words in the Tainted Roses universe. A scene without context, but I like it.

“Tainted Roses: Death to a Mind” now available as a Podiobook!

Well, it’s official: the first book of the Tainted Roses: “Death to a Mind” universe is now available on Again, bit thanks go out to Katherina and Mick from Every Photo Tells… for, well, just about everything, from the inspiration of the initial photo, to patiently reading through the submission that wasfar outside their short-story length guidelines, to taking the initiative to produce the novella as an audio book, to finally suggesting and convincing me that it should go on Podiobooks.

Thanks, guys!

And yes: this is the first book of the Tainted Roses. I love these characters, and ever since I finished this first novella, I’ve been wondering about them, what they get up to next, who they are, what they would do when this or that happens. I think I’ve learned a lot since I wrote the book, and listening to it back again has told me even more about it.

So, I intend to write more. I make no promises on when it might happen, as I’ve been overwhelmed with duties and responsibilities in a number of different directions, but I’m thinking a nice weekend with just my thoughts, my laptop and a bottle or two of decent red wine, and I’ll have another draft finished.

Until then, enjoy the novella, and if you have any comments or questions, by all means make them!

Movember update: mighty fine stache

Once you have broken the overwrought pattern, the ends of it wave back and forth, madly trying to connect to other things. New patterns form, weak and unsupported, very tenuous and temporary. Strange insights may be had at this time, as the patterns are formed in your mind, and it feels freer than ever, frighteningly, exhilaratingly, intriguingly so.

The interesting thing about a spiral — even one that you are out of control in! — is that it comes close to the point where you were before. You can see it, just over there. If the spiral isn’t regular and smooth, the points may even cross over, intersecting but with trajectories in opposite directions. You can linger at that point, but the movement won’t be in the same direction.

Life seems like that, sometimes, composed of moments that are similar to the past, occasionally repeating but never quite going the same way. Continue reading