May the Fourth brings forth: A Geek Prayer

A Geek Prayer coverartYears ago, when gathering in the infamous Blue Room student lounge at the Student Union Building at UNB (which is in the building I still work in!), gamers and geeks of all stripes would gather just about every evening and all weekend long to game, gab and generally geek out.

I remember back then hearing people mention “A Geek Prayer”. So many people were raised Catholic or Christian (yet most moved far away from it) that saying “May the Force Be With You” immediately conjured up the response phrase “And also with you.”

Someone mentioned that to me again recently, and I started to elaborate on the idea.. And then I turned the microphone on, and well.. Here we are! 🙂

(Full text of A Geek Prayer after the cut.)

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The *real* Lost 4th season ep [no spoilers here!]

I am, it would seem, an interminable goof. I can’t help it. I find being goofy both an intellectual challenge and an emotional thrill.

Lately, I’ve found that Twitter has been a very fun outlet. It’s kinda a cross between microblogging and a chat room, and that seems to suit me just fine..

Well, last night was the much-anticipated 4th season premiere for Lost. It’ll likely be a while before I get a chance to see it (despite the fact that I love the show), and someone tweeted: “Hey! Watch it with the Lost spoilers!”.

I seemed to have taken this as a challenge, perhaps… So, without further explanation, after the jump are my tweets covering my version of spoilers for the episode — written live, as others watched the episode, but I did not.. Kudos to you if you can pick up some of my obscure TV references here..

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