DDOP 2015 #18: Fiction, Drama, Myth & Reality

A painting in the Louvre, whose name escapes me.Four words that I was sure meant something profound to me, and I’m pleased to find the sympathetic intellectual vibrations stirring..

DDOP 2015 #10: Fantasy Fiction

One of Les Trois Tours of La Rochelle, France

One of Les Trois Tours of La Rochelle, France

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in worlds that don’t exist — indeed, can’t exist! — outside of collective imagination. Here I ramble a bit about them.

New Narration: “Space Operetta”

Photo on 2015-04-07 at 22.19 #4The narration of Space Operetta written by Adam Browne is now available in episode 51 of Far-Fetched Fables. Listen, enjoy and subscribe!

If you really like the job I did, or you like the podcast Far-Fetched Fables in general, why not nominate it for a Parsec award? It’s eligible for the category “Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form)”. Find more details about which episodes are eligible at the end of the post-episode notes on episode 51.

I’ve been doing narration for Far-Fetched Fables for a few months now, and several of the stories have now been podcasted. I’ll try to get better at letting people know when they come out, so you can sample the work that I do.

If you’d like to see the narration I’ve done so far, please check out the Narration page I’ve just set up.