CAFFEEN! playlist for 2015-05-02: “Circadian Schisms”

CFN 2015-05-02 coverartAre you in control of yourself, 24 hours a day?

Or do you let that control lapse, for about one third of the day?

If you sleep, you have entered a strange land, filled with strange things..

Are they of your design?

  • We heard the song Le Monde Sans Soleil by Tom Third which came from the album Continuous City.
  • We heard Demdike Stare with their song Nothing But the Night from the album Symbiosis.
  • From ‘s album Slip Into the Vortex, we heard Lord of Slumber.
  • We heard the song There are Thousands Sleeping in Peace by The Mercury Program which came from the album All the Suits Began to Fall off.
  • We heard the song Adrift by Tycho which came from the album Dive.
  • From the album Hymn to the Immortal Wind by MONO (Japan) we heard Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn.
  • We heard Mike Oldfield with their song Clear Light from the album Tubular Bells II.
  • We heard the song Red Sand by Kuato which came from the album The Great Upheaval.
  • We heard the song Lady Sun Part III by Moksha Ensemble which came from the album Lady Sun.

CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-09-20: “Endless Journey”

CFN 2014-09-20 coverartIt is often felt that Death is the ultimate Destination.

But what if it isn’t? What if there is another journey, one that it endless, one traveled through by dreams?


  • Omnipresent Boundary by Robert Rich , B. Lustmord from the album Stalker.
  • Endless Falls by Loscil from the album Endless Falls.
  • Transference From the Void by Funerary Call from the album Fragments from the Aethyr.
  • I guess I have to move on, right? by Man an Ocean from the album Fields/Hurricanes.
  • Step into the Other World by Oresund Space Collective from the album Give your Brain a rest from the Matrix.
  • Black Horizon by Kuato from the album The Great Upheaval.