“Shake”, then “fold”: saving the world through paper towels. It’s the little things that add up t…

"Shake", then "fold": saving the world through paper towels.

It's the little things that add up to big changes in the world, really. We'd all love to have a simple swoop of the hand from a higher power — whether it be deity, politician, generous philanthropist or a child's memory of a kind parent — and have a problem taken away, solved.

But in truth, it is the little things that matter the most. There are enough of us on this world doing stupid, evil things every day that add up to a world of pain and of waste. I see it every time I go for a walk and see garbage on the side of the road. I see it when I see something broken and neglected, but which anyone could simply take a moment and fix. And I see it in my own habits, thoughtless and automatic as many of them have become.

Like when I dry my hands.

I was guilty of the excessive paper towel usage. I hated it, sometimes would even catch myself and curse, but felt that I really did need more than one paper towel.

Not anymore.

Watch the video, then remember to "shake", then "fold". It works. It's simple. It's a tiny thing you can do to save the world..

If you use more than one paper towel to dry your hands or the default size of the paper towel that comes out of automatic dispensers, you're using more than you should. Joe Smith demonstrates the perfect paper towel technique: Shake and fold.
After washing your hands properly, shake them 12 times. Then fold the single paper towel and pat dry.
13 billion pounds of paper towels are used by Americans every year. Smith, former chair of the Oregon Democratic Party, says we can conserve over 571 mi…