Oh, and then there’s that *other* voice work.. and that *other* other work.

So, I forgot a few things that are still in production or are in a very early stage in my list of voice work.. I was chatting with my buddy Waldo the other day — a rather smart kid, and I use the term “kid” literally, as he’s in high school — and he reminded me that I’d also provided a voice for him as well, for a project named Of Kings.

He also seems to have convinced me that I would be a good candidate for the position of Production Manager for the new audio group he’s heading, Giant Gnome Productions…

That should be an interesting experience… I still have to get the local audio drama group in order here, but I’m not really keen to do that while the weather is so crappy.. It’s funny, because I don’t mind working in a group which is spread out all over the continent — potentially spanning more than one continent, as I’ve interviewed people in England and Australia — but I have some reservations in managing a local group because the weather prevents my mobility and prevents a face-to-face meeting..

On an unrelated note (because this seems to be a more general blog), I’ve gotten a paper accepted for publication. Its a version of a paper I did for my older work, the one based on my Master’s thesis, rather than my current work (which remains too loose to publish yet). Nonetheless, it will be nice to have a publication again — it’s been a couple of years. I haven’t been focussed on publication, rather trying just to find my research topic more solidly.

And now, to madly get back to work on my research project (not my PhD — that comes tomorrow)..

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