May the Fourth brings forth: A Geek Prayer

A Geek Prayer coverartYears ago, when gathering in the infamous Blue Room student lounge at the Student Union Building at UNB (which is in the building I still work in!), gamers and geeks of all stripes would gather just about every evening and all weekend long to game, gab and generally geek out.

I remember back then hearing people mention “A Geek Prayer”. So many people were raised Catholic or Christian (yet most moved far away from it) that saying “May the Force Be With You” immediately conjured up the response phrase “And also with you.”

Someone mentioned that to me again recently, and I started to elaborate on the idea.. And then I turned the microphone on, and well.. Here we are! 🙂

(Full text of A Geek Prayer after the cut.)

Please enjoy this in the spirit it is given, as a celebration of geekdom on Star Wars day, May the Fourth.

A Geek Prayer

All rise for the Geek Prayer.

May the Force be with you.

(And also with you.)

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.

(Their ongoing mission.)

To seek out new life.

(And new civilizations.)

To boldly go where none have gone before!


In the name of the Venkman, the Spengler and the Stanz,
And the Slimer ghost.


May we go Into the Black,

(Ain’t never coming back!)

With the sky never taken from us,
despite Shadows and Vorlons,
despite plans made by Cylons,
despite poetry from Vogons.


Walk without rhythm,

(And you won’t attract the worm.)

For now and until the end of time,

(In TARDIS we trust.)

In TARDIS we trust.

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