May the Fourth brings forth: A Geek Prayer

A Geek Prayer coverartYears ago, when gathering in the infamous Blue Room student lounge at the Student Union Building at UNB (which is in the building I still work in!), gamers and geeks of all stripes would gather just about every evening and all weekend long to game, gab and generally geek out.

I remember back then hearing people mention “A Geek Prayer”. So many people were raised Catholic or Christian (yet most moved far away from it) that saying “May the Force Be With You” immediately conjured up the response phrase “And also with you.”

Someone mentioned that to me again recently, and I started to elaborate on the idea.. And then I turned the microphone on, and well.. Here we are! ūüôā

(Full text of A Geek Prayer after the cut.)

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Life advice: Add enough flour until ready; bake until done.

Doesn't a bat-shaped molasses cookie scream "Christmas!" to you?

I like to cook. I don’t often have the time these days, and I don’t have nearly enough experience to make anything grand, but when I do have a chance, I go for it.

It’s difficult to point to exactly why I enjoy cooking. I’m not a great chef, so I have plenty of failures (but being stubborn and unwilling to waste anything, they are generally still eaten). I don’t have lots of money or fancy tools, so the meals I make aren’t exotic or fancy. I don’t have anyone to cook for besides myself (generally), so there isn’t much satisfaction garnered from others.

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Movember check-in: Seein’ Things

I'm Seein' Things, believe me, you ain't never seen before...

Perception is a tricky thing, and it’s often wrong.

Well, not wrong as such, but rather it depends a lot on the perceiver, including their mood, their mind and their experiences.

Throughout this Movember experience, I’ve been trying to figure out what my moustache was going to look like. I’ve had several moustaches in the past, but they were all cleverly concealed within the confines of a beard. That way, they don’t get illusions of striking out on their own and conquering Hollywood, or Broadway or Stratford..

But as I challenged my self-identity over these last couple of months — or rather, as I challenged my perceivable¬†self-identity — the target and result have flown around considerably. Continue reading

Movember update: mighty fine stache

Once you have broken the overwrought pattern, the ends of it wave back and forth, madly trying to connect to other things. New patterns form, weak and unsupported, very tenuous and temporary. Strange insights may be had at this time, as the patterns are formed in your mind, and it feels freer than ever, frighteningly, exhilaratingly, intriguingly so.

The interesting thing about a spiral — even one that you are out of control in! — is that it comes close to the point where you were before. You can see it, just over there. If the spiral isn’t regular and smooth, the points may even cross over, intersecting but with trajectories in opposite directions. You can linger at that point, but the movement won’t be in the same direction.

Life seems like that, sometimes, composed of moments that are similar to the past, occasionally repeating but never quite going the same way. Continue reading

Movember Update: I Have Unlocked “Rocked A Vest” Achievement

It’s official: vests rock!

I now look upon a collared shirt with no vest or no tie as somewhat lacking. ¬†It’s like it lacks structure and form.

A collared shirt alone is a void. Like space without stars. Or an empty ice cream bucket.

Much like a face without a beard.

Or maybe just my¬†face without a beard. Although now I’ve had chance to grow a moustache. With only half of the month completed, I can know call myself “moustachio’d”.

That is, if anyone¬†can. (It largely depends on the word-status of “moustachio’d”..)

It’s been an interesting month to challenge myself. Growing a moustache. Regularly blogging about it. Learning acoustic guitar. Wearing a vest every Tuesday. And yesterday: hemming pants. Continue reading