DDOP 2015 #31: Tales From The Bub

DDOP 2015 31 coverartLacking any real inspiration and now over my list of 30 topics, I decided to seek inspiration from the list of other podcasters I’ve been happily listening to for the last 30 days — the other participants in the Dog Days Of Podcasting challenge.

Oh, and the Sapporo tall boy was done by the time the editing was done..

If you want to hear the one of the three shows that I did today, go to the podcast version. There should probably be a podcast of the Atlantic Gaming episode later in the week as well.

DDOP 2015 #30: Writing & the Self-Conscious Awareness of the Success of Your Peers & Heroes

Writing on the shore of La RochelleI am very happy to celebrate the success of people who write, but I get very intimidated in trying to create my pathway to my own success.

DDOP 2015 #29: Memory (The Things I’ve Forgotten Outweigh Those I Remember)

DDOP 2015 29 coverartIt is not that I forget things that bothers me; it’s that I remember that I once knew them, and that I no longer have access to them.

DDOP 2015 #28: The Ancestral Homestead

DDOP 2015 28 coverartWhat makes a home? Memories are portable, but the things that evoke them are not, or not as much. I’m trying to have it both way, maybe: preserve the memory but diminish the thing..