WOL 2023-08-31: 1833: DDOP 31: The End Is the Beginning, the Beginning is the End: Single Point, Infinite Reflections

In which I come to the conclusion that nothing has really concluded.

WOL 2023-08-30: 1832: DDOP 30: We’ll Remember It For You Wholesale: Decoding Culture

In which I try to point out that bits of the answer are all around us, if we can just pull the right sequence out of the bag…

WOL 2023-08-29: 1831: DDOP 29: File Under X: Unexplained Mysteries as Evidence

In which I poke at a few of the mysteries of the world and ask: do they point to strangeness in our world, or the world without?

WOL 2023-08-28: 1830: DDOP 28: From Inkling to Evidence: Decoding The World

In which I turn the tables on our exploration and say: why don’t we look closer at the things we presume are flaws, to find the sources?