Do you Dare, Devil?

Daredevil-televisonI watched — no, absorbed — the entirety of the Daredevil TV series in nearly one sitting. It impressed me, and I had to talk about it.

I was a kid in the 80’s. Back then, television was a much more restricted medium. You got the show when they happened, on the few channels you had, in the few hours you were able to have them. We delightfully joked that we had “three-and-a-half channels”, because the fourth one depended so much on atmospheric conditions, the placement of the antenna, whether the tinfoil wrapped around it was tight enough, and where you stood in the room. Continue reading

I’d like a transfer to the House of Anubis, please

House of Anubis promo poster

There are actually many more regular cast members than that.

There’s something delightfully charming about the Nickolodeon UK show, House of Anubis. I should know: I’ve just ingested over 90 episodes worth in a couple of weeks — most of it in this last week.

It’s part mysteries of the unknown, part supernatural thriller, part high-school drama, part conspiracy study.


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ReGenesis: In the Third Beginning, there was an Explosion

It’s really funny: I often insist that I don’t watch much TV. Especially since I got into podcasts, most of my spare time is taken up with them. I have about 300 podcasts in my lineup, although likely I’ll only listen to about 50 in the regular course of the week. Others, like the JapanesePod101 and LearnChinesePod are waiting for that block of “free time” I’ve heard others talk about. iTunes tells me that I have 3530 unheard podcasts, but I think it’s lying to me.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, TV… So, this season regulars that I’m paying attention to include Heroes (of course!), Smallville, Bones, Doctor Who, and Jericho; I’m recording Lost, Supernatural and The Dresden Files for this summer’s view. I typically watch Doctor Who at a friend’s place (where they have a much bigger HDTV) and tonight, another great show just returned to finally get back to it’s third season: ReGenesis.

I’m very proud to say that ReGenesis is a Canadian TV production, mostly because it is very, very good. It’s got style, but it’s got lots of substance. It’s got grit, it’s cutting edge science, but it’s not exactly dumbed down. Their science takes time, their theories come from lots of thinking. Doing The Weird Show, I run across new discoveries and cutting edge theories all the time, and ReGenesis keeps up to date with them. Unlike other shows that do so, they don’t distort the science or misinterpret the story — this is science fiction, hard science fiction, because they take natural consequences of plausible conclusions from todays science.

It also features free dialogue. People talk naturally: they swear, they stumble, they scream and they weep. The characters have depth, feel real. The main character, David, could be compared to House of the MD show — just take away all the humour.

The third season just started with a bang. Well, actually last season ended with one — someone walked into the lab and blew themselves up. That killed 8 scientists and wounded more, taking out two of the main characters and wounding the rest. The episode dealt with another lab that exploded (although for other reasons) and threatened to kill two more team members.

Oh, and due to his father, one character — the main character is now insane. Literally certifiable. He also happens to be brilliant, an asshole, and bewilderingly wounded.

It’s hard to describe a show like this, to sum it up into a few words. If you have the chance to see it, do so. They also have an interesting Alternative Reality Game running with the show, so I look forward to the extra hints and show things that come up out of that..

Well know, time for bed.. Maybe just a little surfing first… 🙂

The Encaffeinated Hero?

Ok, so I’m not really qualified to be called a hero just yet, but I am now qualified to call myself a bonified sidekick: I have just joined the cast of Heroescast, a podcast about the TV show Heroes.

I made my vocal debut as of this last episode — number 13 — but I have yet to really fully participate. I hope to have fun doing this for the entire run of the show.

About Heroes: this show debuted this fall, and follows the story of several people who have manifested some sort of unusual power, from the ability to fly to the ability to control all of time and space (well, almost). The story is drawing these people together, and we are slowly seeing who will be a Hero — and who will be a Villian. My favourite way of describing it is as a comic book where you don’t yet know the origin story — because it is still playing out — and the universe is a blank slate without weighted down backhistory that only long-time comic book addicts would know.

And so far, I’m pretty much loving every episode. I plan to participate in the podcast in more ways than just a voice, but we’ll see how that manifests itself in the future.