CAFFEEN! 2018-04-21: “Fall From Grace, Too”

There are moments in time,

shared moments,

where we come together,

celebrate together,

mourn together,

remember together,

live together,

grow together.

  • We heard Civvie with their song Jetsam from the album Inheritance.
  • We heard the song Back and Forth by Wendy Atkinson which came from the album Trim.
  • We heard the song The Crush Of Gravity by An Ant And An Atom which came from the album Exterior.
  • From the album wish by mind of a squid we heard done in.
  • We heard 10 Waves Of You with their song Round Window from the album Sail.
  • From Blurred City Lights‘s album Volker, we heard For A Day.
  • From the album The Runcible by Dirty Inputs we heard Less Talk More Magic.
  • From Tangerine Dream‘s album Quantum Gate, we heard Non-Locality Destination.
  • We heard Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche with their song Alize? Et Margaret D. Midi Moins Le Quart. Sur La Plage, Un Palmier Ensanglante? IIfrom the album Pas Pire Pop, I Love You So Much.

CAFFEEN! 2018-04-07: “Rusty Spring Season”

Do you ever find yourself

looking around

and wondering:

“Did we do this season last year?

Is this what it was like then?

Why does it feel so different?”

  • We heard the song We remember how to close our eyes to this by Disparition which came from the album muro e parete.
  • We heard DeCoda with their song Nocturne II from the album Jane Antonia Cornish: Continuum.
  • We heard the song From Beacon to Beacon by Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir which came from the album Clockworking.
  • We heard the song The Obscure You Deserve by Flowers for Bodysnatchers which came from the album Love Like Blood.
  • We heard Mid Atlantic with their song In Which The Hero Exits The Room From The Third Story Window from the album The Great War.
  • From Kuato‘s album The Great Upheaval, we heard Ripped From the Soil.
  • We heard Oceanic with their song Chemtrails from the album Origin.
  • We heard the song Voir en même temps l’humour et la tragédie, en toute chose, à chaque instant by WuW which came from the album Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné.

CAFFEEN! 2018-03-24: “Smooth Exit from External Inflation”

After you leave the world,

what will be your impact?

Will you leave the death of stars in your wake?

Will your worlds last for all of time?

  • From An Ant And An Atom‘s album You Are No One., we heard I Left It In Places I’d Have To Forget About.
  • From Time Being‘s album A Dimension Reflected, we heard Static Flow.
  • We heard the song Pulse Persephone (Alternate Parts for Mixing) by Daphne Oram which came from the album The Oram Tapes Volume One.
  • We heard the song Do The Astrowaltz by Porn Sword Tobacco which came from the album New Exclusive Olympic Heights.
  • We heard the song Esoterique by Aegri Somnia which came from the album Monde Obscure.
  • From Explosions In The Sky‘s album The Wilderness, we heard Losing the Light.
  • We heard the song You Already Did by Russian Circles which came from the album Enter.
  • From Oceanic‘s album Origin, we heard Defencelessness Is Their Defence.

CAFFEEN! 2018-03-03: “Nervous Central System”

At your very core,

you are nothing but reactions.

And yet,

that is not you.

  • From the album Ill Tides by William Ryan Fritch we heard Ill Tides.
  • We heard the song Holographic Rain by Mystical Sun which came from the album Energy Mind Consciousness.
  • We heard the song Your Shores by Wangled Teb which came from the self-titled album.
  • From the self-titled album by Moondog, we heard Surf Session.
  • We heard the song Electric Sea by Buckethead which came from the album Electric Sea.
  • We heard Esmerine with their song A River Runs Through This City from the album Lost Voices.
  • We heard the song Sea Wall by Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch which came from the album Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).
  • We heard the song Sails/Sales by Mid Atlantic which came from the album The Great War.

CAFFEEN! 2018-01-20: “Reconcileable Inferences”

When you read between the lines,

you often find more lines.

  • We heard Civvie with their song Encroachment from the album Inheritance.
  • We heard the song Never Were the Way She Was by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld which came from the album Never Were the Way She Was.
  • From the album Ill Tides by William Ryan Fritch we heard Evaporate.
  • We heard the song Asunder, Sweet by godspeed you! black emperor which came from the album Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress.
  • From the album Fields/Hurricanes by Man an Ocean we heard Crash.
  • We heard Clouds Become Oceans with their song Possiblities Gone from the album Paths.
  • From Wangled Teb‘s album Water, we heard Bon Voyage (I’ll See You Again).