CAFFEEN! playlist for 2012-09-08: “Into the World, A Champion Awakes”

There are stories inherent in every sequence of events, if you work hard enough to see them.

Take the song list today. A larger list was assembled, more-or-less chosen at random. Then, from that I carved this sequence, but on the criteria of sound alone.

And then, I needed a title for this episode, and turned to the titles of songs for my answer. It came, clearly and swiftly: this is a journey of a champion, created out of the imbalance of a fantasy world, encountering a fearsome foe. Then, seeking money and fame, finds a peaceful way, and seeks out ancient wisdom.

Or at least, that’s what I got out of it. Consider it a story prompt. What’s your story?

  • Proportions in Motion by Christopher Bissonette from the album Periphery.
  • Edict by Erik D. Anderson from the album Der Golem.
  • emergence by Arc from the album Feral.
  • Firefight Lake by The Lazy MK’s from the album Where We Bin.
  • The Nasty by Amon Tobin from the album Bricolage.
  • Total Recovery by Chicago Underground Quartet from the album Chicago Underground Quartet.
  • Silver by Juno Reactor from the album Beyond The Infinite.
  • Dueling Bongos by Incredible Bongo Band from the album Bongo Rock.
  • Silk Rd by Grails from the album Burning Off Impurities.
  • Monoliths by Maserati from the album Passages.

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