CAFFEEN! 2018-04-21: “Fall From Grace, Too”

There are moments in time,

shared moments,

where we come together,

celebrate together,

mourn together,

remember together,

live together,

grow together.

  • We heard Civvie with their song Jetsam from the album Inheritance.
  • We heard the song Back and Forth by Wendy Atkinson which came from the album Trim.
  • We heard the song The Crush Of Gravity by An Ant And An Atom which came from the album Exterior.
  • From the album wish by mind of a squid we heard done in.
  • We heard 10 Waves Of You with their song Round Window from the album Sail.
  • From Blurred City Lights‘s album Volker, we heard For A Day.
  • From the album The Runcible by Dirty Inputs we heard Less Talk More Magic.
  • From Tangerine Dream‘s album Quantum Gate, we heard Non-Locality Destination.
  • We heard Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche with their song Alize? Et Margaret D. Midi Moins Le Quart. Sur La Plage, Un Palmier Ensanglante? IIfrom the album Pas Pire Pop, I Love You So Much.

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