CAFFEEN! 2018-04-07: “Rusty Spring Season”

Do you ever find yourself

looking around

and wondering:

“Did we do this season last year?

Is this what it was like then?

Why does it feel so different?”

  • We heard the song We remember how to close our eyes to this by Disparition which came from the album muro e parete.
  • We heard DeCoda with their song Nocturne II from the album Jane Antonia Cornish: Continuum.
  • We heard the song From Beacon to Beacon by Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir which came from the album Clockworking.
  • We heard the song The Obscure You Deserve by Flowers for Bodysnatchers which came from the album Love Like Blood.
  • We heard Mid Atlantic with their song In Which The Hero Exits The Room From The Third Story Window from the album The Great War.
  • From Kuato‘s album The Great Upheaval, we heard Ripped From the Soil.
  • We heard Oceanic with their song Chemtrails from the album Origin.
  • We heard the song Voir en même temps l’humour et la tragédie, en toute chose, à chaque instant by WuW which came from the album Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné.

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