CAFFEEN! 2018-03-24: “Smooth Exit from External Inflation”

After you leave the world,

what will be your impact?

Will you leave the death of stars in your wake?

Will your worlds last for all of time?

  • From An Ant And An Atom‘s album You Are No One., we heard I Left It In Places I’d Have To Forget About.
  • From Time Being‘s album A Dimension Reflected, we heard Static Flow.
  • We heard the song Pulse Persephone (Alternate Parts for Mixing) by Daphne Oram which came from the album The Oram Tapes Volume One.
  • We heard the song Do The Astrowaltz by Porn Sword Tobacco which came from the album New Exclusive Olympic Heights.
  • We heard the song Esoterique by Aegri Somnia which came from the album Monde Obscure.
  • From Explosions In The Sky‘s album The Wilderness, we heard Losing the Light.
  • We heard the song You Already Did by Russian Circles which came from the album Enter.
  • From Oceanic‘s album Origin, we heard Defencelessness Is Their Defence.

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