CAFFEEN! 2018-01-20: “Reconcileable Inferences”

When you read between the lines,

you often find more lines.

  • We heard Civvie with their song Encroachment from the album Inheritance.
  • We heard the song Never Were the Way She Was by Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld which came from the album Never Were the Way She Was.
  • From the album Ill Tides by William Ryan Fritch we heard Evaporate.
  • We heard the song Asunder, Sweet by godspeed you! black emperor which came from the album Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress.
  • From the album Fields/Hurricanes by Man an Ocean we heard Crash.
  • We heard Clouds Become Oceans with their song Possiblities Gone from the album Paths.
  • From Wangled Teb‘s album Water, we heard Bon Voyage (I’ll See You Again).

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