Life is fascinating.

It’s complicated and hard — maybe even ultimately impossible — to understand.

And yet, we glimpse moments of clarity, when things make sense or seem to come together into a pattern that we can use, or at least recognize and avoid if necessary.

I don’t know what the world means, but it doesn’t stop me from wondering about it.

That’s why this blog is here: to allow me to wonder out loud. I have no set agenda, so you might see posts here reflecting on some of the music I’m listening to, or the book I’ve just finished reading. You might see an image, and just how tangentially I can possibly make my thinking with regards to that image.

You might find writing here, of fiction and of fact. I’m working on more fiction, and have one podcast book (Tainted Roses) available, as well as numerous short stories published through the Every Photo Tells… podcast. (Yes, I’m working on an eBook version, too.)

This place also serves as a hub of my activity, although I have a separate blog for my musings about the media of podcasting (Understanding Podcasting) and my Parsec-award-winning weekly radio show and podcast, The WEIRD Show. You’ll also find playlists and occasional episodes of my music show, CAFFEEN!, available for a limited time.


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