Hi there!

This is a blog dedicated to understanding the media of podcasting. (Ok, that was the obvious part..)

I am interested in getting beyond the mere mechanics of podcasting and into the deeper meaning behind this emerging medium. I want to explore what makes the medium unique, what makes it the same, what it does well and what it does badly. I want to raise and attempt to answer questions like “What is so important about this podcasting thing, anyway?” and “What should the future of podcasting look like?” and “Is podcasting dying?”.

The inspiration for this site is two-fold: first, it’s simply one of my fascinations that I keep talking about and wondering about, so I figured I’d try to do something about. Second, I’ve been taking a course on teaching, and it mandates that we teach a 20 minute session about something we’re passionate about. I’ve always found that when you combine your strong interests, you tend to perform better and get something more satisfying as a result, so here we go!

I have been a podcaster for a few years now (go see my main solo show, The WEIRD Show, or my occasional show and blog, Encaffeinated!; I’m also elsewhere) and have been a massive podcast consumer as well. I have been known to subscribe to over 300 shows, and podcasts are my main media to consume.

I have been in volunteer radio for over a dozen years as well, which gives me another perspective to throw in..

I am planning to produce occasional audio podcasts on this topic, which will be found here. I don’t know exactly what those are going to be on, just yet, so suggestions about topics to cover are welcome.

Oh.. and yeah, the base design has got to go.. Suggestions about that are welcome as well! 😉