I’ve recently talked about the power that podcasting has from its mobility: it can be produced anywhere, consumed anywhere, and available anywhen.

Why not put that to the test?

I’ve had an interesting idea for a podcast, one that is produced all over the world by local people to be consumed by other local people in a different part of the world.

Each episode would feature (at least) 3-5 segments of 5-15 minutes each from a different part of the world, on something going on right then. The common thread of each episode? It has to relate to a particular hour in that local time zone. So, one episode would be all about life at 14h/2pm; another would be about 6h/6am.

Episodes would come out once a month, meaning it would take two years to get through the entire day. We could refine the concept by either a) combining two hours together, or b) allowing both the original hour and it’s 12-hour cousin (2am and 2pm together). (This might be important, as there might not be much to talk about for 4am..)

What are the contents of each episode? Just about anything, really, as long as it’s local. It could be about the farmer’s market, or the business hour; it could be reminiscences of the lunch counter or tradition dinner at home; it could be a deep exploration of what was once done at this hour when you were a kid or a light description of what are familiar daily sights to you on your walk to work (but that might not be so familiar to someone on the other side of the world!).

What do you think about the idea? I’d love to hear about it from many different places of the world, so if you can, share this idea widely. If you want to contribute or sign up, let me know with a comment. With enough interest, we’ll get this off the ground..

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