Understanding Podcasting! is an attempt to get at the real essence of podcasting. Plenty of sites discuss the mechanics, especially for beginners. Well, it’s time to stop talking only to beginners. Let’s get philosophical!

This is a journey to explore what podcasting is, what it might be, and what it might mean to the world.

Podcasting is a new medium. The implications of it are just starting to be understood. Some wonder if it is a fad, or if it represents a fundamental shift in entertainment, information delivery, marketing and more. Others wonder if what we see today is the way that it will be forever.

I think there is room to explore here. This podcast is more about philosophy than technology, more about what you can or should be able to do with podcasting, and much less about the specifics of technology as it exists today.

If you are looking for a way to learn how to podcast, you probably aren’t going to find much here.

If you are looking for a way to see why to podcast — both today and tomorrow — then you are in the right place.

About your host

Mark Kilfoil is an award-winning podcaster and long-time community radio volunteer and now the Program Director at CHSR-FM. His podcast subscription list has consistently run over 300 individual podcasts and podiobooks since he started listening to podcasts, indicating that he has listened to thousands of individual podcast episodes. His primary podcast, The WEIRD Show, has run since 2006 and accumulated over 220 episodes, as well as winning a Parsec Award for Best Infotainment Show in 2008 and a number of Barry Awards from CHSR-FM for Best Spoken Word. He was also a member of the The 9th, A Heroescast podcast (about NBC’s Heroes), and a number of audio drama productions (both in front of and behind the recording) such as Buffy Between The Lines and Sea of Stars. He can also be seen blogging and podcasting on his personal site, Encaffeinated!.