TWS167.825: 2010 Redictions

On January 1, 2011, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

TWS167.825: 2010 Redictions

CQ: What are your predictions for 2011 (or beyond!) based on TWS stories? Or what stories did I miss in 2010?

The year-end wrap-up show!

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On the show this week (with my Redictions):

  • Two words: animal piercings. On a Monday.
  • World’s largest chicken burger is created. Judges cry fowl!
  • Scientists and historians discover the Holy Grail of science, which turns out to be the actual Holy Grail, an ancient alien artifact which humanity
    mistook for a cup, but which is actually a sophisticated medical tool.
  • The hottest calendar at the end of the year will combine two trends, one
    an new one and one an ancient one: the roadkill cooking calendar! It will be perfect if and when the world falls apart/has an apocalypse/goes to hell/economic collapse/extreme recycling binge! Get yours today!
  • A major volcanic eruption will cause the revelation of a secret and ancient base of knowledge spanning back millenia. Some of it will be evidence of alien contact, but some of it will show evidence that many great civilizations have come before on this planet. The toll of the volcano will result in the “nearly-the-big-one” California earthquake, and before all of the information in the new cache can be discovered, it sinks below the sea. Never fear, however, as this is the exact scenario that James Cameron has been getting ready for, for years.
  • An extract-and-return mission will find rough evidence of life on another planet, perhaps Mars or Encaeladus, but it will confuse us even more as the apparent hair strand found seems to show DNA similar to (but not exactly the same as) a human. However, since the mission crash-landed in the middle of a flooded forest, there is belief that it was corrupted by a creature that picked up the sample container and transported it, which explains why the container was found 100kms from the impact site.
  • We will see the creation of new biofeedback and info-sharing clothes in a competitive venture between Facebook and Google. We will create clothing that mimics our moods and can even map that to expressions, creating a sort of “wearable twitter”. Facebook’s clothing will be the more trendy lines, with full integration with your smart phone enabling you to re-style your clothing with photos from your wall, but Google’s will be open-sourced and feature a small but vigourous community support, allowing you to put together more outfits that seamlessly merge datastreams together. The clothing will also be made of “smart plastic water”, allowing it to form-fit and reshape itself based on program. As a spin-off of all this, the virtual interface projected in light from your clothing will become the newest way to control your smart phone, and as it catches on, it redefines the way that we interact with computers.
  • By using lightstrip-clothing inspired by TRON and grown organically and
    controlled by small circuit boards, we will build suits which change their strength based on how many friends we have on Facebook, and how many Like’s your Facebook fan page gets. TRON-inspired clothing becomes the biggest rage. The biggest nerd-rage, that is..
  • Cardboard fighting league will discover the lightsaber lasers, and flaming cardboard tube fighting league will be born!
  • Tattoos made up of small, blood-powered nanomachines and ad hoc networked to communicate to produce changeable luminescent patterns will allow people to literally wear their favourite books on their skin.. Kindle for your skin.
  • Extreme body-hackers start to integrate new control mechanisms within
    their bodies, creating both remote and close-up control over robot prostheses. The rise of the first group of cyber-enhanced soldiers comes out of military experiments, but the individual body-hackers will download the plans from the Internet and extend them in creative, clever — and sometimes scary ways that the military never dreamed of. The shape of the body as enhanced by cybernetics will also be questioned, and someone will figure out how to create a real-life Doc Oc.

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