TWS152: A Penne For My Thoughts

On April 17, 2010, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

A view of the Saint John river obscures me.An unusual episode, to be sure.. Recorded entirely with my Zoom H2, and without any sort of research. Kinda like flying by the seat of my pants, except that instead of pants I’ve got a large inflatable balloon, and instead of flying I’m hurtling to the ground at obscene speeds..

The title is even more meaningless than normal, but it sounded right and punny enough.. I suppose I could explain it by showing how my thoughts are rather long but hollow in the middle, and have points at both ends..

… but that would be silly!

  • BUMPER: The unstoppable New York Times bestselling horror author and podcast enthusiast, Scott Sigler
  • Not home (I blame Sherwin Sleeves)
  • PROMO: Digital Magic, the sequel to Chasing The Bard by kiwi princess Pip Ballantine
  • PROMO: Braindouche!, a podcast about.. well, that’s hard to explain, but it amuses me greatly, keeps me off balance
  • PROMO: The Great Debate, a podcast in which fictional characters debate RPG situations, yet it is entirely real..
  • What is the value of a lie? The scientific method and humility; testing stories; “there are no bad ideas, only those which are inadequate or inappropriate for a given context”; is this becoming Wandering Out Loud?
  • PROMO: TekDiff, a multi-character comedy podcast interspersed with a magical realism serial audio drama — all performed by one amazing dude!
  • PROMO: Sea of Stars, a fan production in the universe of Star Blazers (in which I humbly play the narrator)
  • PROMO: Technorama, in which two geeks talk about geeking out about geeky things.
  • a memory lost negates its own existence; the inheritance of non-physical complex traits; evolution vs consciousness

CQ: Would immortality be boring?

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  1. the Encaffeinated ONE says:

    Remembering things is a random process for me, at best. In particular, my concerns with some skeptic statements almost completely falls apart, because I proceeded to forget the actual statements which caused my fury, and built one awkwardly out of snatches of remembered and mis-heard comments.

    I apologize for that poorly crafted point; I’ll try to write down things that get me steamed for any future reference..

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