TWS080: Body by Technorama, Brains by Kaku

On April 12, 2008, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

Absolutely not a normal episode this time! I was a bit squeezed for time this week, so I present to you just the responses to the questions as well as a special treat: an interview! Although, it’s isn’t mine..

First, many thanks to Zaphodbblx, Arkle and Mr. Gadgets for their responses to previous weeks’ challenge questions. I’m only sorry that A.L.E.X. seems to be touchy about certain things..

Kreg Steppe is half of the dynamic duo of Technorama along with Chuck Tomasi. Technorama is a very fun weekly podcast focusing on “taking a lighthearted look at science, sci-fi and all things geek”. A while ago, they had the opportunity to interview Dr. Michio Kaku, renowned populist of science and deep-thinking professor of theoretical physics, and Kreg offered the interview to me to fill-in this episode, and I gratefully accepted.

So, the latter half of this show is that interview. If you enjoyed it, check out Technorama, leave a comment, maybe drop something in their donation bucket. Oh, and look up Dr. Kaku’s book, “Physics of the Impossible” and buy it!

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