That is not dead that can eternally procrastinate..

On March 30, 2010, in Meta, by the Encaffeinated ONE

No, I’m not dead. Well, maybe dead tired..

No, I haven’t podfaded. More like… um.. “podskipped”? Like a record that’s missed a groove…

I got busy for a while working on a presentation for my teaching class, getting my papers in order for my summer excursion, and just generally with everything.

But, there should be a new show this week! I say that, but I am currently sitting in a Montreal hotel room far away from my recording situation, with a backlog of work that I didn’t get done because of my drive to Montreal today..

And that presentation I made? Well, it sorta, accidentally, maybe, inspired me a little..

Go to to see what I’ve decided to invent spare time to do. It’s a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a while, something different that I think I might be able to contribute to effectively. It’s half research and half speculative philosophy, with a podcast attached (which I have yet to fully realize).

Now, while I intend to produce new TWS episodes very shortly, there is a little concern for this summer.. You see, the reason I’m in Montreal (besides an opportunity to pick up St-Vaileur bagels, apparently) is to get my visa to study in France over the summer. This is an exciting opportunity that I could not with any conscience pass up, but it does imply a pretty massive change in my situation.

I’m going to take some sort of recording device with me (I’m looking at getting a second-hand H2 right now), and intend to record some things. I’ll probably even do my other radio show (Cappacino!, “an hour of beautiful, wordless music”) from there, with narration from whereever I happen to be that week mixed in with my music; as a consequence, we might even be able to get that set up as a “podcast” (still trying to clarify what that means to the station).

I will be recording some sort of TWS episodes this summer, but I have no idea what form they will take. I won’t be doing my normal 5-6 hours of weird news research, but I might take inspiration from local tales and see what I can put together. I don’t want to turn TWS into just an audioblog (that’s what my lamentedly-ignored Wandering Out Loud podcast is/will be for), but it will likely not have the crazy list of links it usually does. We shall see..


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