TWS099.5: Fredback!

On September 26, 2008, in Episodes, Feedback, by the Encaffeinated ONE

Show Notes for TWS099.5: Fredback!

  • Feedback from: Mr Gadgets (Bruce!), Fred Trellis and Shaded Spriter
  • Theme Song: Caffeine by Grubspoon from The Podsafe Music Network
  • Further Investigation from Fred Trellis
    • This 25-year old stories covers zombies in a more traditional sense. I need to finish reading it..Time/CNN: Zombies: Do They Exist?
    • A radio series that was recommended to me; this episode deals with finding yourself — your mental self, it seems. Haven’t listened to it yet.WNYC/Radiolab: Where Am I?
    • A site dedication to the science of the mind, as illustrated in the moment of near death. Fascinating, and I’ll be digging around here more.Horizon Research Foundation: CULTURE AND NDE

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