TWS255: Slowly Fast, Like Life As Melting Glacier

On July 23, 2013, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

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CQ: With the Internet making us globally connected, are we seeing an erosion of the concept of a “day” in favour of a “semi-random moment of synchronicity”?

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TWS131: An Interview With A Ghost Hunter

On July 18, 2009, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

TWS131: An Interview With A Ghost Hunter

What happens when you discover that one of your friends is a ghost hunter? If ou are me, you ask them for an interview! 😉

Suzi is a founding member of the North Texas Paranormal Research Team (NTPRT), a group that goes out to see what might be out there. She and I chat about the experiences she and her team have had, how they perform investigations, and what it means to be a paranormal investigator.

You can find out more about the NTPRT at .

Also mentioned in this article: TAPS

Promos played:

  • The Leviathan Chronicles – A very well-produced audio drama which I’m going to dive into very shortly.
  • The House Of Grey – A podnovel I’ve been following for quite a while. A mysterious tale of the lost past of a teenager – who may just be the most powerful being on the planet.
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