TWS214: Flora C-Chord

On February 25, 2012, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

TWS214: Flora C-Chord

CQ: Q1: Do you think a clear, irrefutable, universal revelation of alien life would have a devastating or positive effect on humanity — or would it have no real effect at all?

Q2: If immortality is only available to one gender of humans, should it be granted at all?

Bumper: Braindouche!  – an eclectic mix of music, art, thought, randomness!

Promo: Nutty Bites!  – Geekstress Extraordinaire Nuchtchas’ Celebration of the World of Awesome!

On the show this week:

  • Front Page
  • Rocks are really grounded
  • Life: you found it *where*?
  • Black and White, Red and Blue
  • Extras

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