Show Notes for TWS083: The World is Out To Get You (Sick)

On May 3, 2008, in Episodes, by the Encaffeinated ONE

Show Notes for TWS083: The World is Out To Get You (Sick)

A small personal note: this week I bid a sudden farewell to Chuck and Kreg of Technorama, on of my favourite
podcasts. They’ve decided to call it complete for the regular show, leaving me a bit in the lurch. I’ll survive, but it still hurts. I thank them both, and wish
them all the best in the future.

On the show this week:

  • Life Will Go On..
  • The birds and the bees do it: mysteries of sight unsound…
  • Evilization?
  • The other 90% of the show. (EXTRAS)

This week’s Challenge Question:
What one things are you going to do to change the future for the better?
Leave your answer in the comments, send your email to weirdshow[[at]], record your message via the MobaTalk client on the right hand side of Encaffeinated!, leave an answer on Facebook or call in at 206-203-2292.

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