Have You Tried Turning It Off, And Back On Again?

On August 19, 2013, in Meta, by the Encaffeinated ONE

TWS on PauseSome of you might be wondering “has Mark taken a hiatus again?”, or maybe “has he been abducted by aliens?”, or “didn’t he say something about vacation?”, or finally “is it possible to create an artificial intelligence powerful enough to understand Mark’s puns?”.

I can probably help some of you, but that last crowd is out of luck..

The ISP where my episodes are stored is currently not hosting the files. Or rather, it’s hosting files behind a veil of secrecy. Or a curtain of stupidity. Maybe a blanket of capitalism.

In any case, that means that the files are inaccessible. So I haven’t uploaded the most recent episode of TWS, because there isn’t a place there right now.

This problem should be overcome relatively soon. (Relative to what? Why the heat-death of the universe, for one!)

As soon as it ready, I’ll release the podcast episodes. I’ll space them out by a day each, so you won’t suddenly get a flood of new episodes. (Although, it will only be a flood of one episode today, two by tomorrow. Maybe I won’t overload you with a trickle of new episodes.)

Until then, know that I am currently getting very excited to go to Dragon*Con once again. In only a little over a week, I will be transported to the land of heat and geekery!

If you are going to be going to Dragon*Con, and I‘m going to Dragon*Con, we should probably take advantage of this cosmic alignment! Last time I was there, I held an impromptu recording for TWS near a cafe in one of hotels (not far from the podcasting area that year, I think..). I may do that again.

Or, I might just be behind you — RIGHT NOW! BOO!

(No, not actually there.)

(Unless I’m invisible.)

(Ok, enough stalling, I’m going off to record TWS259.)


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