“Tainted Roses” – a steampunk space opera novellette, uh.. “thing” :)

A couple of summers ago, while studying in France, I had the opportunity and inspiration to write a few stories based on the brand-new Every Photo Tells… photo prompt podcast. Most were very short little pieces, a moment or two in time and then gone.

One was… longer.

In one weekend, I cranked out about 26,000 words. The following weekend, I revised it, bringing the total of words up by a few thousand. This was a bit bigger than anyone expected. In particular, it was far too big to fit within the guidelines of the inspiring podcast, Every Photo Tells… So, it sat.

I finished a third edit, but didn’t really have any time to do anything with it. I sent it off to K and Mick at EFT, because I wanted to let them know that it really happened, and that the photo inspired me, however obliquely, to write the story.

Well, they went and did something with it! And I’m rather shocked..

They’ve been serializing it on the Every Photo Tells feed, with K doing the voices of the trio of sabateuses and — so far as I’ve heard — Mick doing the narration. It’s truly strange for me to hear the words that I wrote spoken out loud, and it’s not my voice that’s doing the reading. It’s humbling, inspiring and, I have to admit, a little frightening.

I hope to write more, and I recognize the piece for what it is: an early, unpolished and somewhat simple work. I’m proud of it, and it’s completed, but I know that I can write better and more. I’m hoping to get that chance, once my major writing project (the thesis) is out of the way, but it remains to be seen when that will happen.

Until then, go over to Every Photo Tells and listen to what I’ve done so far. I’d welcome constructive criticism about it — I’m still learning after all! — and I want to write more in that universe again.


Oh, and before I forget: many, many, many thanks to K and Mick of  Every Photo Tells, not only for taking on this big task, but for creating what has been a very inspiring idea for many of us who need just that little kick to our imaginations. I’ll be writing more for them if I get a chance, to be sure!


Here’s part 1, covering the first chapter.

Here’s part 2, covering chapters 2-4.

Here’s part 3, covering chapters 5-7.


(I’m not sure exactly how many parts are left, but there were 17 chapters in the third draft (many of them being small-ish), so I’d expect another 3-5 parts.)

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