DDOP 2015 #29: Memory (The Things I’ve Forgotten Outweigh Those I Remember)

DDOP 2015 29 coverartIt is not that I forget things that bothers me; it’s that I remember that I once knew them, and that I no longer have access to them.

DDOP 2015 #28: The Ancestral Homestead

DDOP 2015 28 coverartWhat makes a home? Memories are portable, but the things that evoke them are not, or not as much. I’m trying to have it both way, maybe: preserve the memory but diminish the thing..

DDOP 2015 #15: School, Learning & Education (How I Miss It)

DDOP 2015 15 coverartI was one of those kids who always liked being at school. I still do, but I no longer get a chance.