CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2014-09-27: “Beat Heart”

CFN 2014-09-27 coverartInside the cold, steel exterior might just beat a cold, mechanical heart — or some twisted combination of “natural” and “unnatural” life.


  • Bacterium by Fellirium from the album Cellular Structure.
  • The Knock by Errors from the album Have Some Faith In Magic.
  • Bucephalus Bouncing Ball by Bell Orchestre from the album As Seen Through Windows.
  • Polyrytmi by Carbon Based Lifeforms from the album Interloper.
  • Fafrotskies Part I by Le Pellican Noir from the album Le Silence Tendu Au Dessus De Nos Tetes Comme Un Orage En Suspens.
  • Choppers by Holy Fuck from the album LP.
  • Martin Rev by Maserati from the album Maserati VII.
  • Battle for the Underwater City by Scientists of Sound from the album Wealth and Hellness – EP.