CAFFEEN! playlist for 2013-02-23: “Dungeons & Dreamings”

CFN 2013-02-23 coverartAs a participant and supporter of roleplaying games, I tend to see stories as adventures. I imagine that, while we sleep, there are quests we generate for ourselves. This is one of them…

  • Comfortable Expectations by Christopher Bissonette from the album Periphery.
  • Lost Landmarks by Robert Rich from the album Calling Down the Sky.
  • Left Where It Fell by Brian Eno & Jah Wobble from the album Celestial Journey.
  • Unsettled by Spunkshine from the album Brotherhood of Good Explosions (free).
  • Exhale by Loud from the album Echo And Flow.
  • steal compass/drive north/disappear… by Set Fire to Flames from the album Sings Reign Rebuilder.
  • Point Doom by Buckethead from the album Electric Sea.
  • Libre, enfin by Man an Ocean from the album Fields/Hurricanes.
  • Sylvan Court by Precious Fathers from the album Alluvial Fan.

Movie Night: ingesting Inception

What lies at the other end of the passage?

A tunnel between dreams, or a black hole?

No Album Walk today, as I went to the movies instead, and only podcasts were listened to. Yes, I’ve finally had a chance to see Inception.

I liked it.

Whether or not you liked the film, or even if you have seen it, you must agree: people are talking about it.

hate spoilers. I like to experience things for myself, thank-you-very-much, like the story to play out on its own. I like the unfolding of a mystery, the game of questioning reality that happens in most suspenseful movies. That’s a big reason why I went to see it as soon as I found out an English-language version was playing in my area.

More detailed, spoiler-free discussion below the jump.

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