CAFFEEN! Playlist for 2015-04-11: “Load From Backup Y/N?”

CFN 2015-04-11 coverartWhat is reincarnation, but a rebooting?

What is life, but an execution of a procedure?

What is death, but the termination of the cycle?

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  • From Destroy All Dreamers‘s album A Coeur Leger Sommeil Sangiant, we heard The Sky Was Glorious for a Moment.
  • From Pye Corner Audio‘s album The Black Mist, we heard Bulk Erase.
  • We heard the song Memory Loss by This Will Destroy You which came from the album Another Language.
  • We heard the song Uprise by Caudal which came from the album Ascension.
  • We heard Universally Known/Already Forgotten by Wild Domestic from their self-titled album.
  • From the album I know nothing. by Dr. Preachenstein we heard (Part Two) I know nothing.