SW2017-29: isolation

It’s not about whether anyone else is around,

but whether I’m around.

And If I’m not around,

it’s better when no else is, either.

Recommendations: Rue Morgue Radio (honorable memory), Pseudopod, The Horror!, Limetown, We’re Alive, Hauntcast, HauntTopic, The Halloween Haunt.

2 thoughts on “SW2017-29: isolation

  1. 1st) It’s nice to hear from others who listen to some of the same shows.
    2nd) I think you mentioned that Halloween haunt wasn’t making new episodes.
    Halloween Haunt, had new Episodes last year & they’re active on twitter, so I’m hoping for new releases this year too.

  2. You’re right! I’m not sure why I didn’t remember if they had actually produced new episodes of The Halloween Haunt, but looking through the feed, I can’t even see a gap, although I’m sure there was one. All the better!

    Thanks for listening! If you have your own recommendations for good podcasts, I’d love to hear them.

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