Save The World… Please?

I’ve seen the pictures and videos of the recent earthquakes in Japan, and I am nearly speechless. I’ve only been able to shake my head, to try to reconcile the scale of the disaster. I reeled a bit from the New Zealand quake, as I actually know people there. The Haitian quake was more distant, as I don’t know anything about the place, and earthquakes and tsunamis and all other disasters before have elicited in me concern, but also frustration.

The question always arises: how can I help?

I don’t have money to give, can’t afford to go there and help in person.

But I have a voice, and a little bit of savvy, and I trust some organizations to do the right thing.

If you can, donate to an organization you trust. I know that the majority of my readers/listeners come from Canada, the US and the UK, so here are links to the appropriate Red Cross websites.

The Canadian Red Cross

The American Red Cross

The British Red Cross

One thought on “Save The World… Please?

  1. The Red Cross is always good to donate too because they are the first there to help people in need like this. Often you are not donating to the current disaster but the next one. I’m always donating to this charity because they help the world and people closer to home. When a friend of mine had her apartment building blow up due to a botched gas oven suicide a few years back it was the Red Cross who came and got a warm bed and food for everyone in her building. Red Cross is awesome

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