Day -7: Teeth

Every day, despite all appearances and statistical certainties, is a new day. Doesn’t it seem important that we explore this chaotic cycle? Shouldn’t we try to make sure we introduce enough aperiodic wobble into our trace through the metaphysical field of time, just to make sure we never actually let historians accurately comment: “If you are not aware of history, you are doomed to repeat it!”

Day -8: Liver

There is no particular rhyme to my reason, nor is there any reason to my rhyme.

But Once Upon A Time, I find a little dangly thread in the universe, and yank on that thread Until. It. Bears. FRUIT!

Which is quite an odd thing for threads in the universe to do, really..

SW2017-29: isolation

It’s not about whether anyone else is around,

but whether I’m around.

And If I’m not around,

it’s better when no else is, either.

Recommendations: Rue Morgue Radio (honorable memory), Pseudopod, The Horror!, Limetown, We’re Alive, Hauntcast, HauntTopic, The Halloween Haunt.