Octobeard 2011 check-in: one week in

Octobeard 2011 headshot Oct 10

Octobeard 2011 headshot Oct 10

Well, it’s been a rough week to not have a beard. Lots of cold weather early on, with wicked winds which used to whip my whiskers, now able to stab at my shorn sides. Then, it got warm, just as the sprouting of the new beard starts, making it itchy and uncomfortable..

Still, I’m really eager to see it’s return. After a week, there’s a clear coverage of the face, with intense coverage on the lip and chin which had been the main part of my beard for so many years.

I plan to do something on Halloween, most likely partially shave to some bizarre, monstrous effect. I’m no virtuoso, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it, but we’ll see. I’m mostly curious about how the beard will grow in, and what I might build out of its growth for a pattern for my face.

With winter coming on, I want to have reasonable coverage, but I think I’m less inclined to simply keep a full beard for long. I like beards, I’ve always felt that my face looks proper with one, but I didn’t like the way that it became a metaphor for personal stagnation, if somewhat weak.

I’m also considering Movember. Not sure if I’ll seek any sort of sponsorship. (Movember is typically associated with raising funds for men’s health awareness, particularly testicular cancer.) I’ve never been very good at personal-level fundraising, being generally shy and loathe to ask anyone for anything special.

It could also be that, after a month is up, no substantial moustache forms, making Movember outside of my reach. I’m encouraged by the growth so far, but it’s a carpet rather than a jungle..

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