Obligatory Bellringer Post

Whoops! It’s been a while since any sort of update, and for that, I would apologize.

I would apologize, but I have never made claims to consistency or promise of performance here, so there’s nothing really to apologize for.

But I’m Canadian, and there’s a regulation requiring me to uphold Canadian values like hockey, poutine and apologizing.


I’ll be returning soon with the Dog Days of Podcasting series, 30 days of daily podcasts in which something will happen here each day.

I will hopefully get back to production on episodes of CAFFEEN! as well, for the wordless music show with story words, but I’ve found it hard to fit that into my schedule as of late. (Very late, really..)

So, if it matters to you, I will return here. I’ve not found any portals to other dimensions and gotten lost in them (despite my looking…), nor have you stumbled into a parallel universe yourself (well, that I cannot guarantee, really..), but have, in fact, been busy.

This year’s Dog Days series is under-prepared for, so I have no idea about any theme or organization or anything at all. Suggestions are welcome.

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