I’m in a cast! (And no broken limbs!)

I’ve been interested in doing audio drama for quite a while, so around April of last year I joined the mailing list for Darker Projects, having enjoyed several of their productions. I’ve since also joined the Broken Sea Audio and Pendant Audio mailing lists.

I’ve auditioned for a couple of things, but I’ve only been cast in one: the lead role (and a secondary role which I probably shouldn’t have) for the series Blood Moon. There’s been quite a delay in getting the first episodes out, but it should be coming soon. I’ve heard a trailer, and it doesn’t sound too bad..

I tried out for the main character and a secondary Quebecois character. I got cast as both, but I have my doubts that there is enough differentiation (or authenticity) in the French voice. They accepted both, although they had me re-record the French one enough times that I think I finally gave only a moderately crappy performance… šŸ™‚

Recently, I’ve gotten cast as the Jinn in the Broken Sea Audio production Maudelayne. A bit roll, but it should be a fun production. The first episode is already out — I’m not in that one.

And just today I received the first two scripts of a new series called Kelmah. I’ve been cast as the “mysterious, disembodied voice” of Agapito, a secondary but recurring and very interesting character. Looking forward to that.

I’ve done a few other things here and there. I hosted a couple of behind-the-scenes interviews with people from Buffy Between The Lines, as well as acted as the announcer on a couple of the promos they’ve done recently. I’ll be working with Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe from Technorama on a TOP SEEKRET project — I’ll post more when they launch. It’ll be a fun little project, none too serious.

I started writing some scripts last year, but abandoned the project at the time. I’m feeling that itch again, but I’m going to try it again. And, of course, I’ll keep auditioning.

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