DDOP 2016 #24: Ramble on My uPSIDE dOWN day

DDOP 2016 24 album artIn which I discover that I’ve done the entire day upside down (or perhaps I’ve slipped through the cracks of the world…).

3 thoughts on “DDOP 2016 #24: Ramble on My uPSIDE dOWN day

  1. I’m really enjoying your ‘wandering out loud’ for DDOP.
    I’ve been downloading & listening to the weird show for a a few years and have heard you talk about DDOP before, but it was your posts on twitter that have reminded me to download each installment as it comes out.

    So, Thanks for the shows & thanks for the reminders on twitter.

  2. Well hey: thanks for the comment! It means quite a bit to hear from a listener. Sorry about the sporadic nature of TWS lately — summer has been busier (and hotter in my studio) than expected, making it hard to produce them, but they’ll return to a regular schedule shortly.

    I might start a “Weekly Wandering” after the DDOP is over, but I’m not sure. I’ll definitely be doing the “12 Days of Wandering” again this December, however.

    Thanks again for listening!

  3. No need to be sorry about the TWS summer schedule. I sort of expect less intense schedule during the summer, many of the shows listen to take a week or two off or have a ‘looser’ schedule in the summer.

    I’d listen to “Weekly Wandering” & 12 days of wandering sounds cool, I’ll have to look for last years.

    I’m a few days behind now. So, there might be more comments to come.

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