“Coffee with encaf”: meeting up at Dragon*Con

Well, in just a few days, I set out once again for Dragon*Con. It takes me three days to drive down (my own personal Odyssey! No, wait.. that one didn’t go so well..) so I have to leave earlier.

If you don’t know what Dragon*Con is, then.. Well, it’s bigger than I can explain, so just go look for yourself. I went last year, and before it was even over declared that I was going to go back. It’s my Geek Mecca, really..

Well, I’m going again this year, and people have asked me: “Hey, are you doing any sort of meetup, say for that podcast ‘The WEIRD Show’ that you do? Or maybe in promotion of FiXideas.org, or even the (unofficial) Wandering Out Loud podcast?”

My answer has generally been: “Aw, who’d want to come to that?” Or maybe, “I’ll be wandering around the con: if you see me, just come up and say ‘Hi!’.”

Then again, I remember how well that went last year.. I barely had time to hang out with people, because I was hurriedly and frantically running from session to session, and when I had a free moment, i was always in a random place. I barely said three words to Tosus last year, and that seemed really unfair..

So, I’m compelled to do something about that, because there are so many people I’d like to just sit down and have a chat over a coffee with. So, I’m feeling really selfish, and setting up a semi-formal meetup: Sunday at 6pm, at the cafe a short distance away from the podcasting track.

Yes, those are rather vague directions, but hey: I was only at the place once! Looking at the maps provided in the handy-dandy Dragon*Con PDF pocket guide, I see that the 1st floor of the Hilton has a Cafe Express and Le Cafe right there, so that must have been what I was thinking about. So, we meet at the little Cafe Express, and if we balloon to enormous proportions, maybe we’ll take over Le Cafe.

So, I hope to see you there! The original suggestion still holds: if you see me wandering around (I look like my icon — no, *really*!), don’t hesitate to say Hello.

Just be aware that my capacity to remember names is bad at the best of times, but during an overwhelming experience like Dragon*Con, it drop to nearly zero.. I will probably take your picture and get you to say your name/handle/some identifier into a microphone, maybe on video, or something, just to augment my own memory.

Oh, and I’ll have this clipboard of questions, too… 😉

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